DTC Marketing Essentials

DTC Marketing Essentials

Direct to Consumer or DTC Marketing Essentials for Australian Wine, Spirit, Beer & Cider Producers 


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Increase sales by developing and implementing effective DTC marketing essentials and strategy that will meet the future needs of consumers in an ever-changing business landscape.


A successful DTC program involves more than simply signing people up to a mailing list, creating a wine club, or having a functional website. Successful businesses understand consumer decision-making and the path to purchase, how to create opportunities to maximise sales, audience engagement and build a valuable database.


This 2-part workshop will focus on how to navigate the ‘new normal’ and optimise your DTC channels utilising world best practice case studies.


Topics covered include:

• Developing a strategy that fits your unique product and brand story.

• Capitalising on tourism opportunities to build your database and gain loyalty.

• Optimising traditional and new DTC channels.

• Capturing essential customer data and creating a loyalty program.

• Understanding key DTC metrics; setting goals and measuring what really matters.


We also deliver an international perspective on DTC wine sales in the post COVID-19 world, including the presentation of research demonstrating future growth and potential for DTC sales.


Attendees will receive a checklist, workbook and other resources to support the growth of their DTC program. A pre-workshop questionnaire will need to be completed prior to the first session.


Delivery will be online via Zoom. Access to a suitable computer (camera and audio) is essential. Spaces are limited to maximise engagement and businesses can register up to 2 people.


Presented by

Robin Shaw & Traci Ayris –  Wine Tourism Australia


Our practical, hands-on workshop requires all participant to log in separately via Zoom under their own name and have access to a video camera and audio. This is not a pre-recorded course.

Note: It is not possible to register for a single session.


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